Crack sealing, asphalt sealing, and pavement repairs are a real pain to deal with.  Keeping the integrity of your driveway is crucial especially if you live in Ontario.  

This can be very difficult if you don’t have the correct equipment for the job.  Cracks in your driveway can drive down the value of your property, they can make your driveway more unstable through the winter and with severe cracks you will actually have to replace your driveway altogether. 

Having the right person for the job is crucial when reparing any type of paved surface that you have.  It could be a parking lot, a driveway, a sidewalk, or even a multilevel parking complex.  Seal A Drive Ottawa Ontario would be my recommendation for any type of sealcoat in the Ottawa area.  They are professional, punctual, and do the job right. 

If you want the best driveway sealing Ottawa has to offer I would contact Seal A Drive.  

The basics of applying sealcoat to a driveway;

Asphalt sealiners are applied with either pressurized spray equipment, or self-propelled squeegee machines or by hand with a squeegee. Equipment must have continuous agitation to maintain consistency of the sealcoat mix. The process is typically a two-coat application which requires 24 to 48 hours of curing before vehicles can be allowed back on the surface.

Prior to application the surface must be completely clean and dry using sweeping methods and/or blowers. If the surface is not clean and dry, then poor adhesion will result. Once the surface is properly prepared, then properly mixed sealer will be applied at about 60 square feet per gallon per coat.

This ensures an even layer of sealant is applied so you get the best results.  The benefits of sealing your asphalt are;

1. It will preserve the integrity of the concrete making it last longer.

2. Sealant will protect the asphalt during the cold winter when it contracts and expands due to the change in temperature.

3. It will ensure that your pavement will last as long as possible so you won’t have to replace it constantly

4. It is far safer. Someone could pop a tire on your driveway because there is a pot hole.

There are many benefits to sealing your driveway.  If you’re driveway is cracked or chipped you need to contact Seal A Drive in Ottawa Ontario.